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You have reached RB Robotics, home of the RB5X and RB line of educational robots and supplies.

  RB Robotics is a changing it's business.  We will be offering one last run of 50 units of the original style units.  This will deplete our inventory of the components that can no longer be obtained easily (SC-01A Voice chip, INS8073, Etc)  We will continue to offer chassis, however, we are looking to update the electronics and move in to this millennium!

  We expect to be operational again around mid 2013. 

  We do have parts available, but may be a little slow to get them out to you.  Please bear with us as we go through our transitioning times.

   I will also be selling a bit of my personal robot collection including quite a few Hero 1's, Hero Jr's, Hero 2000's and Omnibot's in various states of condition.  Check the used robots section under parts for updates, or shoot me an email if you are looking for some thing particular.

Until then if you have any questions, or needs, please feel free to shoot us an email from the link at the top of the page.

John Boisvert


RB Robotics






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