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People of RB Robots
Company History
Robot Revisions
Robot Revisions
Robot Revisions

Robot Revisions
  These are some shots of the very first RB robot.  It was constructed on a wooden base.
  Here we have a picture of the first production Prototype for RB5X.  There were 3 made.


 This is the second version made.  These were produced in early 1983.
 The  third version came along later in 1983. It featured a redesigned LED board, a different dome and a few refinements in on the rest of the boards.  Also added at this time was the Voice/Sound board.
 A vacuum attachment was produced in 1983 and shown off at the German version of CES.  But due to poor run times and navigation problems none went to production. 

This all leads to our final product.



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