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RB5X Robot
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Expansion Eproms


Expansion EPROM's
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The following programs are available on cartridges that plug into the back of the RB5X ... no programming or set-up required. Just turn on the RB5X and go!

1) PATTERN PROGRAMMER  (instructions)

"Pattern Programmer" software module lets you program any series of movements. You can instruct your robot to do a funny dance, spin in circles, or to follow a particular path around the room. Each of RB5Xıs eight bumpers corresponds to a specific movement command: forward,.backward, spin clockwise, etc. You use the bumpers to play back your pattern, to start RB5X dancing, spinning, or moving around the room!

2) MATH WHIZ  (instructions)

"Math Whiz" allows RB5X to quiz children and adults in the elementary math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. "Math Whiz" is a math quiz in a game format that may be played by up to eight people at one time. RB5X uses its random number generator to compose a math problem for each player in turn, tells players if they have given the right answer to the problem, and gives the correct answer if the player is in error. Players score one Point for each right answer, and after six rounds of play, RB5X announces the playersı scores. The competitive challenge of "Math Whiz" and the lights, sounds, and robot motions that accompany the game motivate children to learn important math skills with RB5X!

3) HOP TO IT!  (instructions)

"Hop to It!" features an engaging, educational game that allows RB5X to use its sonar sensor to challenge players to accurately judge distance in feet and inches. When playing "Hop to It!" RB5X asks each player, in turn, to hop to it - to stand at a particular distance from the robotıs sonar sensor. RB5X judges how far away the player really is, tells him or her, and stores the playerıs score in memory. The closer the player gets to the distance RB5X requests, the better his or her score will be. At the end of five rounds of play, RB5X calculates the playersı scores, and announces the winner! "Hop to It!" can be played by up to eight people, or even by a single player, and is fun for both children and adults.

4) SIMON ROBOT  (instructions)

"Simon Robot" is hilarious fun for all ages and may be played by up to eight players. We recommend that you donıt start to play until you have time to spare - you'll have a tough time walking away once you start playing!

As a supplemental classroom activity, "Simon Robot" helps strengthen listening skills, demonstrates concepts of sequence, and rigorously exercises the memorization abilities of every player.

The object of the game sounds simple enough: to press RB5Xıs bumpers according to the sequence in which the robot speaks their corresponding numbers. If you are successful in pressing the bumpers in the right order, RB5X adds a new number to the sequence and asks you to repeat this new combination of numbers, trying to stretch the limits of your abilities. In addition to the basic game described above, we have added three variations (games 2, 3, and 4). When you think you have mastered the game, try the most difficult version, Game 4, and be prepared for the real master, RB5X, to scramble your brain as you attempt to press bumpers as directed.

5) DRIVE IT  (instructions)

"Drive It" allows the RB5X robot to be moved from place to place under its own power, avoiding the necessity for carrying it. Movement is controlled by pressing the various bumpers; depending on the bumper touched, the robot will execute a forward, backward, or turning movement, stating "Yes, Master" before performing the function.

6) DAISY, DAISY/INTRUDER ALARM  (instructions)

"Daisy, Daisy/Intruder Alarm" combines two different RB5X programs in a single module. The "Daisy, Daisy" program allows RB5X to both sing the words to the song "Daisy, Daisy" ("On a Bicycle Built for Two") and play the tune in two different octaves. The "Intruder Alarm" program allows RB5X to guard an area, and to teach the basics of using sonar. In "Intruder Alarm," RB5X uses its sonar system to detect intruders moving within 35 feet of the front of the robot, RB5X sounds an alarm or speaks one of three different phrases.

7) VOICE/SOUND DEMO  (instructions)

The "Voice/Sound Demo" demonstration software module shows the versatility of the RB5X voice/sound synthesis card. The sound card can generate up to three different sound frequencies at once and has a separate noise channel. The "Voice/Sound Demo" features speech, music, gunshot sounds, a falling "whistle", an alarm, rising 'bees!', clock chimes, and a series of musical tones.

8) CARNIVAL BARKER  (instructions)

The "Carnival Barker" demonstration software module provides RB5X dealers who have shopping mall or other high customer traffic locations with an animated, awareness- generating display. The robot portrays a charming android carnival barker and invites passers-by to ask for RB5X information.

9) RECORD TIME  (instructions)

"Record Time" gives new life to a good, old-fashioned foot race. RB5X gets the race off to a clean start with the sound of a starting pistol, and then times the event and forms an invisible finish line with its sonar. When a runner returns to the starting line and crosses the sonar beam, RB5X announces his or her time and prepares for the next racer. The robot keeps track of each runner's score, announces the time at the end of each race, and broadcasts any new record set.

10) SPIN THE ROBOT  (instructions)

"Spin-the-Robot" contains a captivating game for young children. Place your RB5X in a circle of children , turn it on, and start the software routine by pressing one of the robot's bumpers. RB5X spins, stops, and points to a child, asking him or her to perform a simple task. RB5X responds enthusiastically before spinning, stopping, and selecting the next player. Children are fascinated for hours!

11) BUMPER MUSIC  (instructions)

"Bumper Music" module enables you and RB5X to make beautiful music together. To compose tunes using "Bumper Music" you press the eight bumpers like keys of a piano; each of the panels is assigned a musical note value by the software. When you have keyed in all the notes you want, you press a combination of bumpers, and RB5X plays back your tune.

12) NURSERY RHYMES  (instructions)

The "Nursery Rhymes" software module allows RB5X to entertain children of all ages by reciting seven different nursery rhymes at the press of a bumper. This module is not only entertaining, it also provides children with a fun, friendly introduction to RB5X Educational Assistant.

13) Utility Eprom

This is the basic software that was origianaly shipped with your RB5X.  There is a test program that makes sure you unit is functional by testing the drive systems, LED's and speech.  Also included is the AutoRoam program

14) Arm Eprom

Shipping Weight:  1 Ounce each
Price:  $20.00 ea.

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