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RB Arm Assembled

RB Arm Assembled
Description:  A 5-axis robotic arm with teaching pendant designed for use with our RB5X, RobotLab and RB Base. , arm-training EPROM, 10-Amp-Hr. battery, and Arm Module Reference Manual. Unit bolts directly on top and includes a body shell extension to neatly tuck away in the body

Arm Specs:

Has five axes of motion.
Robot's mobile base adds sixth axis.
     Horizontal rotation - 360  degrees unlimited rotation about  robot axis.
     Shoulder 1 - 340  degrees rotation.
     Shoulder 2 - 250  degrees rotation.
     Elbow - 270 degrees rotation.
     Wrist - 340  degrees rotation.
     Gripper - opens  2-3/4"  maximum.
     Arm payload -12 oz.

Shipping Weight:  xx Pounds, xx Ounces
Price:  $ 1800.00

Please be aware there is currently a 6 week lead time on this item


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Individual parts available:

Arm Module


Arm Board

Arm Pendant





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