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Download Technical Documentation, Reference Manual Appendices, and Guides to Curricula Development


RCL3(j) Robot Control SystemTM
  • A Java application.
  • For Macintosh, PCs, and UNIX-based computers.
  • The current release offers a graphical means of programming full movement, the 8 bumpers, infrared sensing, and "beep" as well as basic programming operands such as "IF/THEN loops".
    No previous programming experience necessary.
  • Easy for beginners but offers growth and challenge for advanced programmers.
  • View a screenshot of the software.
  • Download the software

Robot Control LanguageTM (RCLTM)
  • A DOS application.
  • For PCs and computers with DOS emulators, such as the Macintosh.
  • Offers full programming and live control of the RB5X Mobile Unit, RobotLabTM, Arm Module, and speech synthesis.
  • A "Natural Language" programming environment.
  • RCL assists users with their program, offering suggestions when it doesn't recognize the command or a misspelling occurs.
  • Learn more about RCL.
  • Download software from General Robotics.

RB5X Apple IIe RCL ControllerTM
  • Software, expansion card, and manual from RB Robotics. - Please email for details

RB5X Action Software
  • Plug-in the cartridge, turn on the RB5X, and you are up and running!
  • Pre-programmed educational and entertainment modules.
  • Fun for both kids and BIG kids (a.k.a. adults).
  • Purchase software from RB Robotics.

Our Software is sold as a site license for up to 30 students (instructors may operate a maximum of 6 on-site copies at any given time, EPROMs excluded.) Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing Software for an entire district, or in any larger volume.




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