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back plane  Interconnect  List

Connector   Configuration   Pin Centers Intended Use
JO 2x5O pin .125 centers CPU board
J5    2x22 pin .156 centers Memory option
J1 & J2 2x22 pin .156 centers I/O boards (parallel from INS8255 A)
J3 & J4 2x22 pin  .156 centers  I/O boards (parallel from INS8255 B)
J6 50 pin .100 centers Mother board to CPU board
J9 20 pin .100 centers LED card
J10  10 pin  .100 centers  Bumper switches
J11 4 pin .156 centers Main battery and recharge lines
J12 14 pin DIP socket Interface panel
J13 5 pin .100 centers Sonar cable
J14 8 pin  .100 centers Motor control board
J19  2 pin .156 centers  Sonar/LED  switch cable

NOTE: If you plan to design your own PC boards for options that you add to RB5X, we recommend you become very familiar with the mother board schematic contained later in this section so that you can make the appropriate pin assignments.


The mother board is fused for 1 amp.  The electronics that run the base unit draw about 1/4-amp; an RB5X with optional voice/sound synthesis and the BR Arm draws just over 1/2-amp. if you plan to install other options, you may want to use a larger fuse.


In addition to power and input/output (I/0) lines, sockets J1, J2, J3, and J4 on the mother board also have bus request, reset, disconnect, and clock lines available.  J5 has all of these lines plus address and data lines.




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