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Upper Level
Mission to Mars


The RB5X, RobotLab, Arm Module, Owner's Manuals, Software, Programming References, and Curricula may be ordered from RB Robotics through our Purchase Order Form.

Download Technical Documentation, Reference Manual Appendices, and Guides to Curricula Development


RB5X Mission to Mars
New! Mirroring the recent Sojourner Rover Mars expedition, this curriculum simulates seven robotic missions to the Red Plant. Each Mission includes exciting and novel applications for GRC's RB5X Intelligent Robot in areas such as teleoperation, aritificial intelligence (AI), planetary science, and telemetry.

The RB5X: Mission to Mars is available as a SITE LICENSE (1 CDR, Unlimited reproduction) or LIMITED LICENSE (1 CDR, 1 Teacher and 30 Student manuals--printed)

K-12 Curriculum Guide
Easy to use Teacheršs Guide and Student Workbook with a guide to over 50 programs. Requires Robot Control Language (RCL) software for DOS or DOS emulators.

Upper Level Curriculum
Instructor's Guide and Student Workbook based on Tiny BASIC. An in-depth curriculum for high schools, vocational training schools, and universities.

Tiny BASIC User's Manual
Allows the user to develop comprehensive programs for RB5X in Tiny BASIC.

A Six Month Controlled Study
In a six month Controlled Study at Washington Elementary, Las Cruces, NM, sixth-graders were found to increase their math comprehension by 40%, while girls of the same ages and in the same period of time increased their math comprehension by 80%. This study suggests that this RB5X mobile robot is a valuable teaching tool.

These items are available upon request.
Robotics Level 1 from the Technology Lab of Huron Middle School, Denver Colorado by John Renicker

Robotics Level 2 from the Technology Lab of Huron Middle School, Denver Colorado by John Renicker

English as Second Language Curriculum Guide Grades K through 6
by Niki Delgado
Our Curricula and Manuals are sold as a site license for up to 30 students (instructors may produce 30 copies of the Student Workbook per year). Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing curricula for an entire district, or in any larger volume.




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