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RB Arm

RB5X Robot



National Semiconductor


            Type - 8-bit CPU.


System clock - 4.0 MHz.


On-Board Memory - 8K RAM.


ROM - 2K and 4K PROM.


RAM - 2K for language.


I/O System - INS8255.  Six B-bit bytes of I/O to four edge connectors with +5 volts and ground.  Edge connectors: standard 2 x 22 pins on .156" centers.


Optional memory - 16K or 18K non-volatile RAM.


Interface - Standard serial RS-232.


Data Transfer Rate - Selectable at 110, 300, 1200, or 4800 baud.


Programming Language - National Semiconductor NSC Tiny BASIC.


Optional languages

Robot Control Language with Savvy (RCL).

RB5X Terrapin Logo Translator (RB Logo).



General Features


Dimensions - 13" diameter x 23" high.

Weight - 24 lbs.

Wheels - Two 4" diameter synthetic rubber drives and two 2" diameter castors.

Motor speed  - Approximately 4" per second. 

On-center turning radius - O" (turns on center).

off-center turning radius - 6

Construction - Aluminum chassis, polycarbonate dome.

Standard Software

                Beta self-learning programs,
                sonar software, charger-finder
                and charge-maintenance routine
                routine, self-diagnostic, and
                sample programs on a utility
                software module.
Optional software              

    Preprogrammed software modules.


Controlled Devices

  • Two motors.

  • Five programmable LEDS, one of which turns on four randomly flashing LEDS.

  • Eight bumper-indicator LEDS.  Four motor-direction-indicator LEDs.

  • One horn (piezoelectric buzzer).

          Type - Polaroid Rangefinder.
          Resolution - 1 cm.
          Sensing angle - 10 degrees, solid angle.
          Range - 0.91 - 251.

          Type - Eight momentary pushbutton, normally open switches.

     Infrared LED/photodiode    Infrared reflective.
          Sensitivity frequency    950nm.

 Power Supply
     Batteries - 6-volt, 5 amp hour, rechargeable, sealed  lead-acid  battery for electronics.
                6-volt, 10 amp  hour,  rechargeable, sealed  lead-acid  battery for motors, relays, LEDS, and
     Protection - Automatic shutoff at 5.4 volts.
     Optional power supply Additional 6-volt,  10-amp-hour battery.

Charger - Nest-style.
     Power requirements - 110 volts AC, 60 Hz.
     Output voltage - 7.5 volts nominal.
     Output current - 1.5 amps, current limited.
     Optional capability - Recharge cable kit to allow plug-in charging.

Optional Voice/Sound Synthesis

    Speech Type - Synthesized, phoneme-based system operating 64 basic sounds.
          Reference pitch - Hardware selectable.
          Inflection - Four levels using software.
     Sound Type - Three independent tone channels, one noise channel. Volume/output functions Software controlled.





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